Les Vins de L'etranger

Over time, our passion for wine has proven that it has no boundaries. This obsession has led us to collect large numbers of fine wines and prestige collections which includes an extensive French selection, but also bottles from Austria, Spain, Greece, Lebanon, Luxembourg and the New World, not to mention the odd sake.

Among the numerous accolades received through the years, it is worth mentioning that in 2013 we won best wine list in the UK with the AA rosette. And in 2014 we won best champagne list in the UK with Imbibe.

L’Etranger has won a huge following for the affordability of its wines. If you find any of these wines at a lower price in London, please email us at ibi@etranger.co.uk and we will reduce the price further. Enjoy!

The Wine Cellar

At the heart of the restaurant’s popularity and success is its exceptional wine cellar and wine list. Adjacent to the restaurant, the wine cellar works as an off licence until 5pm where wine lovers can acquire exceptionally rare and low priced wines which is arguably one of the best value quality wines that London has to offer.

L’Etranger’s wine cellar and wine list has received wide acclaim from customers and industry experts for its quality, value for money and variety. It also has a rare collection of wines from the Massandra cellars in Ukraine dating back to 1924 which was built for the Tsar’s cousin in the 19th century and houses the biggest collection of wines in the world.

Monthly Wine Tasting

Owner and director Ibi Issolah hosts a monthly wine tasting dinner in the restaurant featuring top wines and elegantly crafted tasting menus. Every month, Ibi invites a different speaker to share their expertise as our chefs serve up exceptional food, every course designed to partner a specific wine.

Interested in hosting a private wine tasting or dinner? Over the meal you will taste superb wines, each of which will be introduced by your knowledgeable Sommelier. Contact our events team to find out more.

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